Google testet in Venezuela bypass-App zur Medien-Zensur

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Google testet in Venezuela bypass-App zur Medien-Zensur

Beitrag von hanniban » Fr 26. Okt 2018, 20:16

Ein viertägiger Test im August, bei dem hunderte Webseiten von Venezuela aus versucht wurden anzusurfen ergab, dass die Hälfte der venezolanischen Medien zensiert bzw. staatlich blockiert wird.
The Press and Society Institute of Venezuela, a press freedom group, says that news websites critical of the government have been increasingly targeted since 2014. A four-day test trying to access 53 websites hundreds of times each day in August found roughly half were blocked, according to researchers. 
Google hat Venezuela als Testfeld für eine neue App genommen, die an der Zensur vorbeilenken soll:
The Android-only app Intra is designed to frustrate that tactic by connecting users’ phones directly to Google servers that access the domain name system — a kind of phone book of the internet. That bypasses any blocks set up by local internet providers, making it harder for governments or other interlopers to deny access certain websites.


“We didn’t build Intra for Venezuela,” Cohen said. “But the insights came from our work with Venezuelan journalists.”

The app works on older Android devices that are still used by billions around the world, extending protections built into the phone’s latest model.
Interessantes Projekt auf alle Fälle: Google app tested in Venezuela takes swipe at press censors

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